Episode 107 – The light bulb has to want to change

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Organizations can have all sorts of problems, from high employee turnover, toxic bosses, departments that don’t communicate across departments, and more.  However, if there’s no desire to change, it doesn’t matter if solutions would solve all those problems and provide benefits.  It takes courage to be willing to change.

Other podcast episodes referenced:  Gap analysis and Interview with Sylvia Henderson, CEO of MindTeam Solutions

Resources referenced: Company Climate Inventory


  1. Love your message in this segment!

    While I admit to being biased (full disclosure – you’ve included us in your message), I also want your listeners to realize that they can bring all the consultants, trainers, programs, and motivational posters into their orgs that they see trending, yet until leadership and executive teams are open to and believe in the change they must make, their efforts are just that – efforts. Results take investments and desire to make them.

    Keep up the great messaging!

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