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TSG Learning Center - Live & Online Trainings by The Shuler Group LLC

Training is our passion.

Mark and Dawn have been teaching, training, coaching, and consulting for decades upon decades. While we prefer live and in-person training, workshops, and retreats, it’s not always possible. Plus, sometimes it would be helpful to have participants of live trainings do some introductory pre-work to make the live training more impactful.

So, we’ve taken some of our most popular trainings and created self-paced, online versions that you can access at any time and go through at your own convenience.

Whether live or self-paced, our goal is to create engaging material and involve our participants as much as possible…. Yes, even in our online programs. We present our content in a friendly, accessible manner, and we give you exercises and activities, often with a workbook or accompanying materials and tools to help you integrate the information – not just “learn” it.

Online Courses

Build Your Team with
Rockstars, Not Rocks

What makes someone a Rockstar on YOUR team? How do you know if you have Rockstars? What do you do with the Rocks? As you go through the self-paced video training and the exercises, you will emerge with your particular organization's Rockstar Qualities, how your current team measures up, and a plan for what to do next with Rockstars, potential Rockstars, and the Rocks.

Operate in Your
Zone of Genius

Are you truly fulfilling your potential and doing the work you're meant to be doing? Or are you feeling unsatisfied by only doing Zone of Excellence or Zone of Competence tasks and activities? Learn about the 4 Zones (Genius, Excellence, Competence, and Incompetence), how your regular tasks and activities fit into the 4 zones, and a simple plan for operating more in your personal Zone of Genius.

Communication Styles

Dysfunctional communication styles are patterns of speaking and interacting that shut down true connection, inhibit forward action, become energy draining, lower self-esteem, and affect the overall health and wellbeing of a relationship. Discover the 15 dysfunctional communication styles, how to defend against them, and even what your own dysfunctional communication styles are.

Need something you don’t see here?

Together and individually, Mark and Dawn have been designing courses, workshops, and retreats for decades.  Dawn half-jokingly says she’s been creating curriculum and teaching since she was in kindergarten when she would bring home extra worksheets and teach her dolls and stuffed animals what she learned that day.

We’ve graduated a bit from shapes and colors since then, and we’ve designed training curriculum spanning several fields:

  • $relationships
  • $communication (of course)
  • $rituals
  • $fair lending practices
  • $security awareness
  • $chakras
  • $marketing
  • $photography
  • $stage combat
  • $team building
  • $law enforcement
  • $and more

If you need training for your organization, look no further!

What if you want us live?

Honestly, that’s our favorite kind of training and interaction! With backgrounds in theater, communication, teaching, stage combat, and speaking, we love to engage with our participants… And that’s how we truly see our audience, not as an audience, but as people right alongside with us, working and playing together. When we conduct our trainings live (in-person, remote, and hybrid), we can do so much more with regard to interaction, exercises, activity, group discussion, application, and integration.

We do live speaking and training in several formats: lunch ‘n’ learns, ½-day workshops, full-day workshops, and retreats.

TSG Learning Center - Live & Online Trainings by The Shuler Group LLC

We design and deliver training curriculum in a variety of areas.

That being said, here are a handful of our signature courses:

  • $10-Point Leadership Model
  • $Build Your Team with Rockstars, Not Rocks
  • $Communication that Works
  • $The Deeper Why of Your Organization
  • $Dysfunctional Communication Styles
  • $Effective Feedback
  • $Establishing Trust
  • $How to Have Real Conversations
  • $Operate in Your Zone of Genius
  • $Purpose-Outcome-Method
  • $Strengths-based Performance for Teams
  • $True Collaboration vs. Group Consensus

Interested in learning more?

Reach out with your training needs and let’s have a conversation about how we can help you.