We need a hovercraft

by | Apr 7, 2023

COVID-19 was an explosion.  It threw us all up in the air, and we grappled with the new reality; things were topsy turvy; we put our heads down and plowed on greatly.

We hoped that, eventually, we could gently float back down to earth, back to Normal.

Over the last almost three years, we’ve found/learned that Normal (the Before Time) doesn’t exist any longer.

So what’s a body to do? Do we spin around in space with no navigation, no purpose, no end destination?

We’ve been running at this sprint since 2020.  However, sprints are supposed to be short-term.  It’s the marathons that are long-term.  We cannot keep up the sprint indefinitely.

At some point, we have to think in terms of hovercraft.  We need stability. We need to be able to orbit the circumstances at our own speed, our own control.

Unfortunately, the world is not going to give it to us.  We crave it.  We want what we want.

But we can’t have it.

So, we have to create our own stability.  I call it a hovercraft.

We have to take where we are right now, pretend – or perhaps make reality – that this Now IS stable, as stable as we are going to get.  And we move on from there.


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