What We Do

What We Do

What’s the story of your company?

  • Is your company growing – and at the rate you want it to?
  • Do you have the right people in the right seats?
  • Are you maximizing their performance?
  • Is everything running smoothly?
  • What do you wish worked better?
  • Is your organization successful? And how do you measure success?

The answers to these questions (as well as others) tell the story of your organization.  And maybe you don’t know what that story is (another reason to have a conversation with us).

The short story of our company is that we provide corporate training and consulting.  But we don’t just come in and do a one-off training and then leave.  We partner with you with follow-up coaching and consulting to help you create lasting change.

The longer story is that we help you create magic.

  • We believe that when people thrive, companies and organizations thrive.
  • We believe that the best product of your company or organization is your people. Invest in your people, and you’re investing in your company.
  • We believe in creating a cohesive unit, one where every single person in the organization understands the Deeper Why of the organization and is working toward implementing that Deeper Why.
  • We believe in creating an atmosphere of collaboration and helpfulness, where “stars” are also leaders and teach their skills and best tactics to others.
  • We believe in empowering people so they feel they are important, competent, and make a difference.
  • We believe everyone has a desire to evolve into their true self and their calling.
  • We believe everyone has gifts, strengths, skills, talents… their Zone of Genius, if you will… that not only makes them successful, but also gives them energy rather than draining it.
  • We believe (and the data proves it) that when employees and staff play to their strengths, it positively impacts the entire organization.

What all this means in English.

Creating more engaged, productive employees who are loyal to your organization improves profitability, increases customer retention, decreases employee turnover, and creates a stronger bottom line.

Isn’t that the bottom line – the results – you’re looking for? To increase your bottom line?

The big picture – that magic – that we create for our clients helps them:

  • Improve employee engagement and retention.
  • Focus leaders and their team on the stuff that really matters.
  • Get (and keep) people excited, motivated, and engaged.
  • Have the difficult conversations.
  • Create bigger thinking and fresh ideas.
  • Develop and maintain positive organizational culture.
  • Manage the overwhelm.
  • Be empowered and become self sustainable. That “teach a person to fish” idea.



Our flagship product is our Company Climate Inventory, a powerful diagnostic tool that highlights an organization’s strengths, uncovers challenges, and provides a roadmap for positive forward progress.

Our brand of magic to help you create your own magic

Employee Engagement

Imagine how your company would thrive with fully engaged, happy, healthy employees who are all working together toward the company’s mission and Deeper Why.

It’s Possible


Communication is key to a company that runs well and works well… It includes everything from how employees and staff interact to how well goals, objectives, and tasks are communicated throughout the organization.

Let Us Show You

Team Building & Empowered Leadership

Whether your team has stopped working as a, well, team, or you want to amp their success and dynamics even more, team-building exercises, retreats, and consulting can do amazing things for your company.

How We Can Help

Strengths-based Workplace

What if you built your organization and culture around your staff’s and employees’ strengths? A strengths-based workplace is transformational because it focuses on continual growth and allows everyone to shine.

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What we’ve helped our clients accomplish:

  • Revamp and customize the annual employee evaluation system that wasn’t working and everyone in the company hated
  • Create the organizational and accountability structure for the entire company – we’ve done this for new companies as well as companies that are over 30 years old
  • Identify the Right People in the Right Seats for an organization, saving one company $175,000 a year
  • Discover the organization’s Deeper Why and core values – and design a method to communicate them to the entire company, hire based on these values, and measure performance
  • Design a hiring strategy, including methods to quickly weed out unqualified or unsuitable candidates and an interview process that ensured that the candidate was truly the right person and the right fit for the company
  • Construct an onboarding process for new hires to quickly integrate into the organization, become engaged, and become productive members of the organization
  • Coaching for executives to navigate a toxic environment and to more effectively communicate mission and objectives across many departments
  • Customize sales training based on the organization’s sales process and continuing coaching and support, resulting in a 45% increase in sales in 30 days

What would it look like if you could see results like these in your company?

Schedule a complimentary conversation so we can discuss your challenges, your goals, and your needs

Imagine if your employees are more engaged, communication improves, productivity soars, and your bottom line increases.  What will that do for your organization? Let’s take the first step and set up a time to talk.