Episode 138 – What will we learn from all this?

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COVID-19 is throwing into our faces a brand-new reality.  Things we thought were impossible and non-negotiable are now shifting into a new reality.  Everything from work to religious services to schooling is adapting.

The question is… what are you learning from all this?

  • What did you think was non-negotiable and HAD to be done a certain way?
  • What needs to shift?
  • What have you learned about yourself?
  • What have you learned about your organization?
  • What are the risks?
  • How can you shift?

Listen in as Dawn Shuler probes these questions and more.

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  1. I just listened to Dawn’s podcast about pandemic ‘manifestations’, which contained all sorts of valuable insights — and pertinent questions we should ask ourselves.

    As Dawn pointed out, there are shifts occurring. I see these, as I believe she does, in magnitudes unknown to our modern age; not experienced by the majority of people alive today. What we didn’t do before, versus the various innovations we’re seeing now, was not done because we couldn’t; more so because we didn’t have to. In all the grief and turmoil the world is suffering through today, we’ve been pushing ourselves to be more ad hoc than ever. Not that ad hoc isn’t informed … information and reality are the engine pushing this new thinking forward.

    We’re expanding our horizons, literally. Creating new ones.

    When I examine myself in this situation, what I see can be distilled to two things: First, I actually need external pressure (deadlines, project leads, deliverables) much more than I had thought. Not having them initially threw my COVID-19 life into turmoil. I’ve had to regroup on that front, and feel I’m on top of it now. Second, I know I am holding onto one non-negotiable. And that is human touch. Whether a hug or a handshake, or more subtle, the energy of a person, in person.

    So my hat’s off to Dawn for this intelligent, sensitive, lasered podcast.

    • Dawn Shuler

      I feel you on both your points. If I have a very directed project (with specific, desired outcomes), I can work that until the cows come home. However, if the project becomes nebulous (because what we’re offering needs to be delayed), then why work on it? And that whole human touch piece… yeah, I get that, too. In our extended quarantine bubble, we went over to my ex-husband’s and his wife’s house for Easter dinner, and I was shocked at my emotions. I was like, “Wow. There are other people in the world. I’ve forgotten.”

      I do truly believe that what will come out of this – eventually – will be something we could have never imagined – or would have taken lifetimes to achieve. Because, as you said, Rob, we didn’t have to before.

      Keep safe and well.

      • Rob Neilly

        Thanks, Dawn, for your response!

        I agree … we’ll come out of this. And some of the conditions and conditioning we’re experiencing now will continue. The “bubble” metaphor is a great one! I’ve noticed while out running, for instance, those who do care about physical distancing give others who apparently don’t the ‘hairy eyeball’. Sadly, there are those who don’t play and as a walker/jogger, it’s on me to keep my distance.

        Major societal shifts, such as the one occurring right now, re-write the new norms. From a purely objective standpoint, I look forward to how those will look.

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