Who We Are

Who We Are

The Shuler Group, LLC, is a 100% woman-owned consulting and training business specializing in strengths-based workplace and culture, communication, employee engagement, leadership and team development programs, as well as training to improve communication, sales, and performance in all areas of a company.

We also provide personal development programs and training to help individuals grow, evolve, and maximize their gifts and strengths to become stronger leaders and team players.

Our team draws upon over 100 years of combined experience as consultants, trainers, facilitators, and coaches.  Along with the team members on this page, The Shuler Group collaborates with a network of skilled consultants and small firms as needed.

We’ve custom-designed programs for government agencies, CPA firms, event coordinator departments, admissions staff departments, small retail businesses, and individuals.

We train and consult with our clients to look at the health of their organizations, communication, and environments to make the company culture better, productivity soar, and employee engagement mount.

At the basis of our philosophies and work is creating a strengths-based workplace, where you structure your organization in ways that empower your employees and staff to do what they do best. Understanding and using their natural talents, gifts, and strengths positions your organization to be stronger than the sum of its parts.

Workplaces that will win and sustain into the future require a change in strategy and maybe even a belief system today. At the core of that strategy sits a focus on strengths. The Shuler Group’s solutions empower your managers and staff, develop your employees, and improve your organization’s performance.

Many of our clients and companies we work with truly want to make the world a better place, through the products and services they offer, as well as caring for their employees and staff.

We help them do that.

Click here for our Purpose, Vision, and Mission.

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Dawn Shuler

Dawn Shuler, CEO and Founder of The Shuler Group, has been working with business and communication all her life, from teaching English fresh out of college to creating a business to assist individuals, corporations, and associations achieve more success and a competitive edge through better leadership, marketing, systems and processes, and sales skills training.

As a business coach and consultant since 2005, Dawn’s strategy in working with her clients is simple: help them identify their Deeper Why, convey that Deeper Why to others in the company or on the team, step into their powerful leadership abilities, ensure that each person is working in his or her Zone of Genius, and bring everyone together to work successfully toward a common goal.

In addition, Dawn was the Chief Operating Officer of a virtual training university for seven years, running the day-to-day operations; managing the various departments and staff; hiring staff and recruiting volunteers; helping to make policy decisions; revamping outdated systems; and more.

She has also worked with executives and mid-level employees at NASA, the admissions department at a national educational association, and many small family-owned and -run businesses.

She has thousands of hours of coaching and training individuals, business owners, executives, department staffs, and small business teams. In addition, Dawn has been trained in the BANKCODE® system, a personality profiling system that has been scientifically-proven to predict buying behavior. She is also a Strengths-Performance Coach, certified through Talent2Strengths, an official partner of Gallup and home of the famous CliftonStrengths® assessment (formerly StrengthsFinder®).

Her personal Deeper Why is to help people and organizations use their gifts to the fullest and in the biggest way possible.

Mark Shuler

Mark Shuler

Mark Shuler, Senior Trainer and Consultant of The Shuler Group, has a master’s degree in clinical psychology, and he has thousands of hours coaching and training in multiple industries.

Mark brings his diverse background as a teacher, trainer, therapist, stage combat choreographer, actor, photo journalist, and more to The Shuler Group.  With his vast experience with organizations, teams, groups, and law enforcement, he has a thorough understanding of how people interact and work together effectively (or how they do not).

As a stage combat choreographer, he has had to assess a situation, identify the crucial elements, create a plan, and get everyone working together toward a common goal, whether a complex battle scene or involved altercation.  He applies this same template to corporations and organizations where it is necessary for many elements to work together to achieve an integrated and powerful result.

Mark has also worked with law enforcement, where the emphasis was on a strong and effective command presence, problem-solving, and de-escalating situations, while also observing officer safety.

Today, Mark specializes in helping people improve their relationships, communicate effectively, work together as a team toward a common goal, and connect with others in their own language.

As a certified trainer, Mark trains and works with individuals and corporations to help them improve communication and create thriving relationships.

His personal Deeper Why is to help people have an easier time in life.

The rest of our Dream Team


LeAnn Pashina

Being in corporate sales for over 30 years, LeAnn has experienced directly how communication and winning the sale is all in “how you say it.”

LeAnn is a Sales and Communication expert who helps entrepreneurs and small businesses create even more success by clarifying the sales conversation.

Most people are trained to only focus on what they say and not how they say it. Non-verbal communication is the hidden tool which provides the added edge in your business.

She uncovers your inner presenting skills so that you will stand out among the crowd when you are presenting to a group or in a one to one meeting.  She will assist you with all the mechanics of presenting, but more importantly, rise above the basics so that your presentations will be memorable!

She is a speaker and trainer with a passion for helping people confidently present their message, training why people buy; and how to use that knowledge with your prospects and clients to achieve the desired results – increased sales!

Specialties:  communication, sales, presentations


Sylvia Henderson

Sylvia works with solo entrepreneurs and business founders and leaders who have a lot of ideas, heavy loads of responsibility, and teams who need to collaborate. She helps them to get focused, implement growth strategies, and be in intentional action to build businesses and leave legacies.

Sylvia brings over 40 years of experience and expertise – from IBM and AOL management, leadership, and corporate training; business consulting and ownership; non-profit Board leadership; and CEO advisory group chair service – to partner with clients on strategy and implementation as it involves their people. Through her consultation and leadership she helps clients who believe their people are their greatest asset to identify and develop engagement and retention programs and increase their business development opportunities.

Sylvia graduated with an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh’s Graduate School of Business. She is a life member of the Girl Scouts of the USA and volunteers as an Adult Educator for her local Girl Scout Council.

Away from business she enjoys riding her motorcycle and roller coasters, anything Star Trek™, and spending time with friends and family. She is the former mom of Welsh Corgis and lives with her life partner in the Washington DC metro area.

Specialties: communication, teamwork, leadership


Josh Silverstone

Josh has an extensive background in business development and helping organizations grow through strategic decision making. Previously, Josh founded Aces Raise and developed the Pokerpreneur® and NVRFOLD programs that use the strategies behind winning at poker to motivate teams, and teach them better decision-making and risk taking skills.

Prior to providing training in this innovative way, Josh spent over a decade working in sales and marketing. Josh has a diverse background in terms of industry, and has worked at every organizational level from the front-line inside sales associate, to outside sales manager, to management consultant working with emerging companies generating more than $25M annually. Over that time, Josh served as a sales trainer, leadership developer, and manager of the sales hiring process.

At his core, Josh believes everyone has the ability to influence their life’s outcome through focus, goal setting, and decision-making. Josh loves to teach new tricks to his furry-son Griff, and help his 1-year old daughter, Vivian, reach her next developmental milestone. In his free time, he enjoys golf, mountain biking, cooking, and rooting on DC sports teams. Josh is a lifelong Washingtonian, and a graduate from the University of Maryland who still lives in Silver Spring, Maryland with his loving wife, Jenn.

Specialties: sales, leadership, decision making, strategy


Linda Cousineau

Linda has been empowering small business owners, leaders, executives and their teams to effectively communicate, negotiate, influence and increase their sales for over 20 years.

She is a bilingual entrepreneur, a dynamic speaker, an energetic trainer and facilitator, a CORE passion coach, and an international best-selling co-author with extensive consulting, coaching, and training experience with clients in Europe and North America.

Linda has degrees in Adult Education and in Labor Management Relations, and is accredited as an International Consultant in Strategic Negotiations (she is qualified to deliver accredited CPD courses on behalf of ENS International, Australia). In addition, she is certified as a CORE Passion Coach, is a consultant/facilitator for SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, Canada, and is certified as an Appreciative Inquiry (AI) Facilitator and a Synchronous Facilitator

Linda has worked with a wide range of industries including: automotive, banking, brewery, Canadian forces, legal, medical, mining, pharmaceutical, postal service, product manufacturing, retail, translation, travel, hospitals, and more.

Specialties: negotiations, sales, team building, and leadership

The State of Maryland has certified The Shuler Group, LLC as a Minority Business Enterprise/Disadvantaged Business Enterprise/Small Business Enterprise (Certification Number: 19-342) in the following areas: